A mixed bouquet of neutral seasonal blooms, a few punches of color and loads of texture. Wraped in recycled kraft paper, each bouquet is designers choice but will feature a more neutral colored aesthetic. Please note: bouquet will vary from picture shown.


Valentines Day Pre-Order Birdie Bouquet

  • You will pick up your bouquet at the Birdie Floral Truck at The Square in West Palm Beach anytime from 11 -1pm. We will be located next to the large tree. Please note: pararllel parking is available or $5 parking is available in the garage. 

  • This guarantees a Birdie bouquet for pick up at The Sqaure on 2/13. It is non-refundable. There will be other bouquets onsite for $30, $50 and $100 dollars and will all be first come first serve. We sold out in 2 hours last valentines day so pre-ordering to reserve will be your best bet!